Security apps for android phones

One of the key concerns while using an android phone is to keep your phone safe and secured while downloading any application from the play store. Nobody wants their personal information’s to be used by any third party. Also, nobody wants to spend extra money on replacing the cell phones because this is a lengthy process. You have to transfer all the old data from the old phone to the new cell phones. Before downloading any app or before trying to learn how to bet on android mobiles, you need to first make sure that your phone is free of virus. Below mentioned are some of the apps that you can use to secure your cell phones:

  • Lookout-the Lookout application has huge amounts of security highlights, for example, a firewall, antivirus, and intrusion prevention. Best of all, they are amazingly lightweight so they don’t swamp down your androids. This app encourages you if your telephone is lost or stolen. You can sign into the web interface on any PC and track down your telephone. You basically click the ‘locate’ button and it will indicate where your telephone is on guide. In conclusion Lookout likewise accompanies information support. It will back up the majority of your own information includingvideo, email, contacts, photographs, and instant messages.
  • WaveSecure– This is another incredible security application which is like Lookout. WaveSecure gives you a chance to secure your telephone from the web interface with the goal that when you lose your cell phone, it becomes useless. You can sound an alarm and likewise show a message. Much the same as Lookout, you are additionally ready to find your telephone with WaveSecure. You can set an auto-reinforcement or trigger a backup remotely from the site. The one major component that WaveSecure offers that Lookout does not is the feature of wipeout. You can sign into the web interface and remotely wipe out all the data from your telephone.
  • Protector- Protector is another incredible application however it’s not same as the other two applications. Protector enables you to secure any application with the help of password on your telephone, or any component of an application. It’s an incredible security program that can be extremely advantageous for some clients. Protector enables you to secure any Android application for example- Gmail, email, SMS, Settings, Calendar,Photos, Notepad, Chat or whichever app you want with the help of password. You can also protect some of the features of the app if you want to. Your apps won’t be at danger even if you use a task manager. You will need the pin code in order to uninstall this app.

However, with regard to this app, you won’t be able to recover your pin code. You will totally get screwed up if you don’t remember your pin. You can find some of the best gaming apps on